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A Breton history

In 1957 in Concarneau, at the time of the pioneers of diving in Britain, Marcel and Madeleine Grolleau open a new department in their trade of fishing tackle.

A story of passion

In the 60s, diving develops on Concarneau; Grolleau the children are involved in this activity in which they will be involved passionately.

The birth of diving Grolleau

In 1973, Marie Pierre Grolleau bought his parents the diving department, which becomes a separate entity. First wholesale trading company and sporting goods dealer Sporasub, Grolleau will quickly become a trademark.

Specialization Grolleau

In the 80s, shift: trading activity is stopped and the company specializes in the field of underwater sports.
It started manufacturing its own line of clothing diving and water sports.

Recognition of expertise Grolleau

In the 90s, the brand becomes official sponsor of the French federation of water sports. It develops the weight clothing Combilest® and file the patent.
The company is present at the Salon Nautique.

A mastered development

In the early 2000s, the company moved to 5 rue de Quimper to Concarneau, in larger premises, more functional and better suited to its development: a 300 m² store open to the public in a space dedicated to diving and for underwater hunting.
An air and nitrox filling station is fitted.
The neoprene is modernized workshop.

To new challenges

2015: the third generation of the family takes control of a company that is still family and still ready to take on new challenges.